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Use the "Textbook Look-up" tool to find the course materials for your course and section. All prices subject to change and course material refunds must be completed 14 days from class start and items must be in their original sealed packaging. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 7-10 DAYS TO RECEIVE A PACKAGE. Do note, for financial aid orders, we only ship to the address on file with the college. Every order must go through the register system in store, therefore there are NO instantaneous codes. Do NOT place an order if you need access right away, try, our e-book partner's site that takes credit cards only. The JJC Bookstore does not process orders Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, during college break/recess, and after operational hours during business days. The JJC Bookstore does NOT replace lost or stolen packages. Due to a potential UPS strike, the Bookstore will use other shipping companies and delays are expected as volume increases as other businesses switch carriers as well.  If you are not comfortable with shipping at your own risk, choose in-store pick-up. Please note, when using a credit card, the total amount will be a pre-authorization. When the JJC Bookstore finalizes the sale through the registers, the pre-authorization may take up to 15 business days to "drop off" after the sale is completed and the actual completed sale amount has posted. 

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PURCHASING POLICY: In store we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JJC Bookstore Gift Cards, Financial Aid (where authorized), Cash, & Checks (made out to the JJC Bookstore and with photo ID-no starter checks). Online we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards and financial aid (where authorized). All credit card purchases must be made in-person with the card and card holder present, or on-line. All course materials (including required art vouchers/cards, rentals, and Red Shelf digital products (e-books and e-codes)), laptops/Streambooks, graphing calculators, and AfterShokz headphones purchases must be purchased by the student, or for a current student, under the student's name and ID number. If purchasing for a student, the student must be present for financial aid and job grants, or proof of enrollment and ID number must be presented. Clothing, backpacks, and other electronic purchases must be made under a customer account which includes name, address, phone number and email. All credit card purchases/rentals require the cardholder and credit card to be present in store or completed on-line at the JJC Bookstore Store e-commerce site; phone orders will not be accepted. All Financial Aid transactions require the student to be present with a photo ID/student ID and a current schedule displaying their student ID number, or the order maybe placed online, but will only be processed if JJC staff can verify the identity of the student and all ship orders will be sent to the address on file; no exceptions. Financial Aid (FASFA) textbook purchases are limited to textbooks, required and optional, and applicable supplies for the student's enrolled courses. Job grant/vouchers have further restrictions according to each granting institution (i.e. required only, no optional, used preferred). The Bookstore reserves the right to verify the student's schedule for all Financial Aid purchases, online orders, buybacks and refunds. A JJC Student ID or government issued photo ID is also required for all refunds, buybacks, and payments by check. Students renting print textbooks must be over 18 and agree to the full rental terms. Late/lost rentals will result in a revocation of rental privileges and a hold being placed on the students account. Digital rentals only require a valid e-mail address and access to the Internet. All Red Shelf digital product is activated by using the access code printed on your receipt. All publisher access codes and subscription activation codes are located on the carded product. You are responsible for retaining and safeguarding these codes, the Bookstore cannot locate and/or replace lost codes.

GLOBAL CASH VISA CARD: Please activate your issued card and obtain the correct balance prior to attempting to use the card for JJC Bookstore purchases. If the amount you ask the JJC Bookstore to charge against the Global Cash Card is more than your actual balance, Global Cash will charge you an $0.80 fee and deduct this from your balance. This charge applies to each declined attempt. The JJC Bookstore cannot check your balance. You may obtain the correct balance by either calling Global Cash or creating an on-line account.  The phone number and website are listed on the back of the card. The Global Cash Cards can NOT be used as a collateral credit card to rent textbooks.

JOB GRANT KIOSK PRINTED VOUCHER: You, the student, must email a SIGNED copy of the voucher to or the order will not be processed. You will not be able to purchase books and supplies other than those which are listed on the voucher and authorized by the granting organization. If you make any schedule additions or withdrawals before or within the refund period, you must do so through your Job Training Grant advisor, and these changes will be reflected on a new schedule and different book voucher which must be resubmitted to the JJC Bookstore. If you have received any books and/or supplies that are no longer covered by the job grant voucher, you will be held responsible for the charges and must submit payment to the JJC Bookstore or a hold will be placed on your student account.

FINANCIAL AID: is used to pay Tuition and Fees at Joliet Junior College. With this authorization you, the student, grant Joliet Junior College authorization to apply any remaining financial aid funds towards your bookstore charges. You also agree that you will be financially responsible for all charges that are not paid for by your financial aid/ scholarships. You understand that past-due student accounts will result in college registration being withheld in accordance with college regulations. Delinquent accounts may be reported to a credit bureau, referred to collection agencies and/or litigated. You agree to pay any and all costs associated with collecting unpaid charges, including attorney fees and court costs. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with Illinois law, without regard to choice of law principles, and any lawsuit to collect unpaid fees may be brought in the appropriate court sitting in Will County, Illinois, regardless of domicile at the time of bringing such suit.

REFUND POLICY: For a full refund you will need to bring in the items eligible for return in their original and saleable condition, within the acceptable refund period, and with the original register receipt and a photo ID. Items refunded will be credited back to the original form of payment. There is a 7-day waiting period on refunds for items purchased by check. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and lost gift cards cannot be replaced. Items purchased on Financial Aid will be credited back to Financial Aid. Should there be a split payment such as part Financial Aid and part credit card/cash, Financial Aid will take priority and be credited first. Online orders can be shipped back to JJC Bookstore, 1215 Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60431 at the customer's expense and will not be refunded until they are received, in their original condition, and verified at the JJC Bookstore. Please include the original receipt and all components that came with your course materials. The JJC Bookstore reserves the right to refuse any refund. The JJC Bookstore does not process refunds by phone.

NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS: Electronics, laptops/Streambooks, gift cards, safety and medical supplies (i.e. goggles, glasses, stethoscopes, face masks, etc.), special orders (i.e. culinary uniforms and cutlery, nursing supply kits, etc.), opened and/or used school supplies, opened loose leaf notebooks, opened and/or used access codes/e-codes/e-books/ digital subscriptions, clothing items (including scrubs) that have the tag and original packaging removed, or have been worn, damaged, picked up an odor, food, convenience items, shipping charges, and clearance items are NOT returnable/refundable. The JJC Bookstore is not responsible for lost and used access codes/ecodes/e-books/subscriptions and will not reissue or replace access codes/e-codes/ebooks/digital subscriptions. The Bookstore does not provide hardware or software support for laptops. Warranty and support information are provided by the manufacturer. Please refer to your original packaging for help with access codes/e-codes/e-books/digital subscriptions and laptop support.

SALEABLE CONDITION: Any items sold as new, must be returned in new condition (NO ink/pencil marks, erase marks, highlighting, dents, stains, odor, warping, tears, or damage of any kind) in the original sealed packaging, with all tags, labels, and included components. Used textbooks must be returned in usable and saleable condition; current editions are clean, free of excessive writing and highlighting, free of any odors, free of any damage (including warping, torn pages, water damage, and/or damage to the binding), and all pages must be intact. No other used items will be accepted as returns. All defective items must be returned with original packaging and all components and are subject to review.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE: You have 14 calendar days from the time of purchase to return purchased general merchandise in their original packaging and new condition, which includes supplies, clothing, and gift-ware in order to receive a full refund. No refunds will be given on non-returnable items and general merchandise that is more than 14 calendar days from the time of original purchase, or any merchandise that has been unpackaged, used, and/or worn. Clothing & backpacks must have all tags attached and be free from odors, stains, pet dander, hair, and/or smoke.

PUBLISHER CONSIGNEMENT RENTALS: Pearson and McGraw Hill publishers offer in-store consignment rentals. These select few books are the property of the publisher and not the JJC Bookstore. Please do NOT highlight and mark in these texts. Even slight damage can result in the late/lost fee which can amount to $200-$300. All lost or late, or damaged publisher rentals will result with a "HOLD" placed on the student's account. The hold will not be cleared until the balance due (for the lost rental) has been paid in full.

PRINT TEXTBOOKS (PURCHASES AND RENTALS): You have 14 calendar days from the scheduled start of your class to return your purchased/rented textbooks in the same condition as purchased, for a full refund. Please identify all rental refunds/returns, the JJC Bookstore is not responsible for unidentified rentals. This includes course materials for dropped, canceled, and deleted classes. Purchased new books in their original packaging returned past the 14-day limit are subject to a re-stocking fee. If you miss the refund window for purchased textbooks, or your new textbook is no longer in new condition, please refer to the buyback policy. Print rental textbooks returned 14 calendar days after the start of class, AND by the rental due date are considered returned on time; however, no refunds will be given. Rental books returned after the rental due date AND before the lost date will be charged a $10 late fee per book. Rental books returned on or after the lost date are considered lost and will be charged the late fee in addition to the Bookstore's current retail price, plus sales tax, minus the rental fee taken when the title was rented. Any type of damage that makes the rental book unusable to the next student will be considered lost and all lost charges and late fees will apply. Damage may include, but is not limited to: water/liquid damage, warped and/or stained pages, missing and/or torn pages and/or cover, damage to the binding, excessive odor, excessive highlighting and/or writing throughout the book. Lost rental book charges are charged to the collateral credit card on file, if applicable. All late fees and additional charges incurred by overdue and lost rental books are NOT refundable. Unpaid lost charges will be sent to a collection agency and the student's account will be placed on hold.

RENTAL AGREEMENT: This rental agreement is a contract between you and Joliet Junior College, operator of the Joliet Junior College Bookstore (hereinafter "JJC Bookstore") and applies to your rental of course materials from us. This agreement sets forth your rights and obligations in consideration of our providing course materials to you on a rental basis and you agree to the terms and conditions as follows:

You must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid Joliet Junior College I.D. Card, be registered in the class for which you intend to rent materials.

You agree to provide a valid mailing address, email address, and phone number and agree to allow college employees to contact you regarding the rental materials. The JJC Bookstore primarily communicates via email and it is your responsibility to review these emails.

Rented materials remain the full property of the JJC Bookstore, or the publisher for consignment rentals, and must be returned to the JJC Bookstore in salable condition, including all components, by the rental return due date designated at the time of rental. Your acceptance of rental materials and the payment of rental fees entitles you to use the property of the JJC Bookstore for a limited amount of time. At the end of the rental period you will lose all rights to the rented materials. Salable condition will be determined by the JJC Bookstore at their sole discretion.

You are responsible for all rented materials. If any materials and/or components are lost, stolen, damaged, or not returned, you will be charged the full retail price of the textbook, plus late fees, less the original rental cost. Failure to return the rented materials by the stated due date will incur a fee of $10 per book during the grace period of three (3) calendar days after the due date. Failure to return rented materials after three (3) calendar days will be deemed an election by you to keep the materials and you will be charged the full retail price of the textbook, plus late fees, plus sales tax on the total retail price, less the original rental fee.  You will be notified via email and your student account will be placed on hold. You are financially responsible for all rental charges. Past due student accounts will result in college registration and services withheld in accordance with college regulations. Delinquent debts may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to collection agencies and/or litigation. You agree to pay any and all costs associated with collecting unpaid charges, including attorney fees and court costs. This agreement shall be constructed in accordance with Illinois law, without regard to choice of law principles, and any lawsuit to collect unpaid fees may be brought in the appropriate court sitting in Will County, Illinois regardless of your domicile at the time of bringing such suit. No books will be rented to anyone with outstanding costs not paid from previous rentals or any bad checks written to Joliet Junior College.

You have 14 calendar days within the start date of your classes to obtain a refund. Rental books returned within 14 calendar days of class start must be in the condition they were rented. Returns made by mail are at your own risk and cost of shipping. You must notify the bookstore of any return made by mail. The rental book returned by mail will be considered outstanding until it is received in salable condition at the JJC Bookstore.

A copy of this agreement is available at Your electronic signature below acknowledges you have read and agree to the above terms and conditions.

BUYBACK POLICY: Buyback Print Textbooks: If you miss the refund window, consider using our year-round buyback service. Please note that not all titles are eligible for buyback. The Bookstore will determine which titles are in need, what is in useable and saleable condition, and the dollar value of the buyback. Any type of damage that makes the book unsaleable will not be bought back. Damage may include, but is not limited to: water/liquid damage, warped and/or stained pages, missing and/or torn pages and/or cover, damage to the binding, excessive odor, excessive highlighting and/or writing throughout the book.  Please bring all components included with the book (i.e. CD's, workbooks, etc.). The Bookstore will pay up to 50% of the used book value. Titles purchased with financial aid and sold at buyback will be credited back to financial aid if the disbursements have not been processed. A buyback transaction requires a JJC student ID or government issued photo ID. The Bookstore reserves the right to refuse any buyback transaction and require proof of purchase for all buyback transactions. The JJC Bookstore assumes no financial responsibility for any rental book from any source returned as a buyback. Buyback titles, quantities, and pricing can change without notice. Using our buyback look-up tool is not a guarantee to buy.

DIGITAL ACCESS COURSES: The digital access materials are paid through course fees and are due with tuition. It is your responsibility to make payments by the due date to avoid any financial liability to the college. Opting out of digital materials is NOT the same dropping a course; the opt-out deadline is NOT the refund date for the course. After your instructor has opened the course in CANVAS, you will be able to access your materials and opt-out should you choose. Select Pearson products may require you to first select "RedShelf" in the course navigation to obtain the access code. When accessing the materials for the first time, select "Acquire Code" and enter this code in the courses the digital courseware/ platform. You will need to authorize the publisher to access your account, agree to the terms, and create a publisher account if you do not already have one. Select e-texts will also require you to access the e-book via RedShelf. You may opt-out of the digital materials through the RedShelf course navigation by the refund date of the course. No opt-outs are allowed after the refund date; NO EXCEPTIONS. If you opted out, the digital material fee will be credited to your account AFTER the refund date. How the credit is applied to your account depends on how you paid tuition and fee charges. You must opt-out by the opt-out deadline to receive a digital material fee refund; NO exceptions. Please see your instructor with any additional questions regarding your digital materials. Opting-out means you will lose access to the digital materials provided by JJC and will have to source the materials on your own. For sequential courses, refunds for subsequent semesters also occur AFTER the opt-out deadline. Communications regarding your digital access course materials are sent to your student email account and/or communicated by your instructor. It is your responsibility to obtain the information. Please view https:// to learn more about digital course materials.

REDSHELF DIGITAL BOOKS: The Bookstore offers e-books, for rent or purchase (with a credit card), on select titles at Students may save up to 60% by renting, or buying, an e-book version of the print textbook. Visit our digital shop at  Digital books require a valid email address and access to the internet (on any internet enabled device) to redeem your e-book code and access your account. E-books are refundable up to 14 days after the PURCHASE date as long as no more than 10% of the content has been viewed. Please refer to your original receipt for redemption code/PIN and website. Please note e-books should not be confused with access codes; e-book redemption codes are printed on your receipt, while publisher access codes will have the redemption code printed on a card. All customer service of Red Shelf digital products is handled by the vendor; visit or email

CENGAGE UNLIMITED SUBSCRIPTIONS: The Cengage Unlimited Subscription is sold through our third-party vendor, RedShelf, and is returnable only if the PIN on the receipt has not been redeemed and it is within 14 days of purchase. Once the PIN has been redeemed, the subscription is NOT returnable, even if you didn't use the subscription, and are within the 14-day limit. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. View bookstore instructions on redeeming your store-bought code here.

PUBLISHER ACCESS CODES: Access codes sold in-store and on-line at are returnable within 14 days of class start as long as the code was not opened, peeled, scratched, and/or used. The JJC Bookstore does not keep a record of codes and cannot replace lost codes. The JJC Bookstore does not provide support for technical issues.

SHIPPING POLICY: All shipping charges are non-refundable and not guaranteed to arrive by a designated date. The JJC Bookstore is not responsible for lost and misdirected shipments; shop and ship at your own risk. All financial aid orders must ship to the address on file with the college. Free Standard Ground Shipping via UPS arrives in approximately 4-7 business days and is only applicable to the 48 contiguous states. Please allow longer ship time for Alaska and Hawaii and additional shipping fees will apply. Please Note: 1-3 business days are required to process and pack orders for shipment and are factored into the above estimation. "Business days" means Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays and other days the college campus is closed. You can find store closures with our posted store hours.

We can deliver to domestic P.O. Boxes but will use the United States Postal Service. Deliveries to P.O. Boxes may delay your order and additional shipping fees will apply to P.O. Boxes outside of the 48 contiguous states. We cannot send orders to International P.O. Box addresses, we must have a physical address for international shipments. When shipping to an APO/FPO address, please make sure to follow these instructions:

The Country must be "United States" 

The State must be selected as either "Armed Forces America" "Armed Forces Europe" or "Armed Forces Pacific"

Enter your Zip code

Enter your full name, grade, and PSC or unit number. PLEASE NOTE: All orders going to APO/FPO addresses will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service.

A tracking is provided in all order status email updates for guests and registered customers. It is your responsibility to read these emails. The JJC Bookstore will use your student email, or the email used for the order to communicate with you. Items ordered on-line can be shipped to the store for FREE in-store pick-up! The JJC Bookstore has two campus locations for pickup: Main Campus Bookstore, A-1012 and Romeoville Campus Bookstore, RMA-1000. Please check for current store hours and closures. Online orders to be refunded can be returned at either JJC Bookstore location, or shipped back to JJC Bookstore, 1215 Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60431 at the customer's expense. The refund will not be issued until the order is received at the JJC Bookstore, and the returned items have been verified to be in their original condition.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES: The on-line bookstore,, uses credit card pre-authorizations for the total amount of the order. Pre-authorizations "hold" the amount and show on your account as a transaction, but pre-authorizations do not appear on statements. All orders are finalized in-store using the store's Point-of-Sale system which will complete the final sale amount. Depending on various banks and credit card processors, pre-authorizations may take up to 14 business days to expire. It is possible to have both the pre-authorization and final sale amount appear on the account before the pre-authorization expires.

The course material information, pricing, and stock level is subject to change without notice. The JJC Bookstore is NOT liable for purchases made based on the information on the shelf tags and/or website. The JJC Bookstore does NOT have an in-stock guarantee. The JJC Bookstore reserves the right to limit the quantity purchased of each course material, supply, electronic (including laptops and Streambooks), and general merchandise. The JJC Bookstore also reserves the right to limit sales of all course materials and laptops/ Streambooks to JJC students only.

The JJC Bookstore does not place unpaid items on hold. Please use our e-commerce site to purchase items for in-store pick-up.

Abandoned paid online orders that are not picked up after 5 days will be refunded in the manner purchased and the items will be returned to stock. If the JJC Bookstore is unable to issue a refund, one attempt will be made to contact the customer. If no response is received in 3 business days, the items will be considered abandoned and returned to stock.

The JJC Bookstore reserves the right to refuse any refund or buyback, and a government issued photo ID is required on all refunds and buybacks.

The JJC Bookstore does not provide support on electronics, laptops/Streambooks, software, and online/digital materials.