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Use the "Textbook Look-up" tool to find the course materials for your course and section. All prices subject to change and course material refunds must be completed 14 days from class start and items must be in their original sealed packaging. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 7-10 DAYS TO RECEIVE A PACKAGE. Every order must go through the register system in store, therefore there are NO instantaneous codes. Do NOT place an order if you need access right away, try, our e-book partner's site that takes credit cards only. The JJC Bookstore does not process orders Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, during college break/recess, and after operational hours during business days. The JJC Bookstore does NOT replace lost or stolen packages. If you are not comfortable with shipping at your own risk, choose in-store pick-up. Please note, when using a credit card, the total amount will be a pre-authorization. When the JJC Bookstore finalizes the sale through the registers, the pre-authorization may take up to 15 business days to "drop off" after the sale is completed and the actual completed sale amount has posted.

Digital Access

The JJC Digital Access program saves students money by delivering digital materials directly into iCampus for select courses. Total savings to students who participated from the start of the program to now is $2.5 million dollars! 

For students who are taking a course and section in the JJC Digital Access Program. Participating in this program allows you to have access to your course materials, from the first day of class, at the lowest price possible. You do not need to purchase your textbook separately from the JJC Bookstore. Some courses do require the purchase of supplemental course materials (i.e. lab book, goggles, or calculator). Please use the textbook lookup tool for up to date pricing and course material information.

After your instructor opens the course in iCampus, you will have access to these materials instantaneously. Instructions for various publishers are linked below. Check your JJC email for your digital access welcome email. It is your responsibility to check your emails. Please see your instructor with any questions in regards to accessing your digital materials. 

Payment for these digital course materials are/were due with your tuition charges; it is your responsibility to make payments by your scheduled payment due date. If, for some reason, you decide you do not want to purchase these materials through the digital materials course fee, you can opt-out of the digital access program by going to your course book and clicking on the Redshelf menu item to view your course material and select “OPT-OUT” by the opt-out deadline.  The opt-out deadline can be found in your digital access emails, or by using the textbook look-up tool to find your course and section. After opting-out, you will no longer be able to access the materials required for this course at the price provided by Joliet Junior College. If you opt-out by the deadline, your student account will be credited the digital book fee (only) 3-14 days after the deadline and the credit will be applied consistent with the payment method. There are no exceptions to refunds if you missed the opt-out deadline.


Opting-out is not the same as dropping a course! The opt-out deadline is NOT the same as a refund deadline for the course. Opt-out only refers to digital course materials.  If you decide not to attend it is your responsibility to drop the course by the refund date to avoid any financial liability to the college.

Beginning with Fall 2020, the per term charge to the student for sequential courses has changes. For students starting a sequential course sequence this Fall, you will no longer opt-out in subsequent semesters. Beginning in Fall 2020, the charge will split up to a per term charge in order to reduce the cost for each semster and avoid manual refunds due to paying upfront. If you are in a sequential course and STARTED THE COURSE PRIOR TO FALL 2020, you will opt-out for refund. Opt-out BEFORE the deadline and attempt to login to the materials to see if your access is active.

Digital Access Instruction Links

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