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QS Pharmacology

QS Pharmacology

Product Features

6 •page laminated guide includes:

• definitions
• drug names
• pharmacodynamics
• pharmacokinetics
• schedule drugs
• pharmaceutical classifications
• adrenergics
• adrenocorticoids
• alpha •adrenergic blockers
• aminoglycosides
• androgens
• angiotensin • converting enzymes inhibitors
• angiotensin II receptor antagonists
• anticholinergics
• anticoagulants
• antihistamines
• anxiolytic skeletal muscle relaxant
• barbiturates
• benzodiazepines
• beta blockers
• bile acid sequestrants
• calcium channel blockers
• cephalosporin
• diuretics
• estrogens
• fluoroquinolones
• histamine •receptor antagonists
• HMG •CoA reductase inhibitors
• leukotriene receptor blockers
• nitrates
• non •steroidal anti •inflammatory (NSAIDS)
• nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
• opioids (previously called narcotics)
• opioid mixed agonist •antagonist
• penicillin
• phenothizines
• progestins
• protease inhibitors
• selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
• skeletal muscle relaxant I
• skeletal muscle relaxant II
• sulfonamides
• sulfonylureas
• tetracycline
• thrombolytic enzymes
• tricyclic antidepressants
• vitamin K inhibitors

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This 6-page laminated guide includes drug fundamentals, plus the most frequently prescribed drug classifications - including indications, reactions, examples & more.