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Young Adult Anxiety Journal

Young Adult Anxiety Journal

Young Adults today face many challenges that many are not even aware of. This Journal was created and designed with today's Young Adult in mind. This is a Guided Anxiety Journal and one that is inspired with positivity, hope, creativity, and brings up many issues that Young Adults deal with on a daily basis. 


This journal details various topics that include social media, parents, college, and more. This journal provides different ideas and examples on how young adults could potentially handle various situations that they may deal with on a daily basis.


This is a guide that young adults can go at their own pace. There are no right or wrong answers, only a platform to have a conversation with them.


No matter what you may be going through, this journal will provide thought provoking questions to allow you to explore the direction of your life and create a more peaceful balance. This is truly a roadmap to help you think about where you are today and how you can make your life better in the future. Along the way you may be able to help a friend, or a classmate who may be going through a difficult time. As this journal is a guided journal, it is designed to help you think through the questions as you write out your answers. This journal also provides resources of organizations that may be beneficial to you. This is your journey.  If you make changes, or stay right where you are at, this journal will allow you to take a look at both directions.  Anxiety is real, and it is our sincere hope that whatever you are going through today, that this journal will help you get to a better place today and in the future.